Exploration permit Falkoping 1. Was granted by Bergstaten in 2014-06-19. Falkoping 1 cover an area of 17836 hectares for oil & gas. The formations the company are interested in has a depth of 75-150 metres. There has been no earlier exploration or extraction of oil & gas within the area. Big Rock Energy AB obtained reports by SGU and universities that indicate high interest for exploration and commercial reserves. The company has obtained quotes for two drillings within the area.

Big Rock Energy AB is 100 % owner of Falkoping 1.

Young County. Big Rock Energy AB is a five percent owner in three oilwells and one saltwater well in Young County, Texas, USA. These wells are Hamilton #1, Leigh-Ann #1 and Rhodes Trust #3X. Rhodes Trust #3X consists of one oil well and one injectionwell for saltwater. Renovations are in progress on Rhodes Trust #3X and new formations will be opened on the other wells.

Big Rock Energy AB is constantly looking for new projects both nationally and internationally. The project company seeking consists of bio-gas and natural gas.


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