About the company
Big Rock Energy AB was founded in August 2015 as a bio and naturalgas company. The company intends to invest in naturalgas production in the U.S and develope it´s own project in Sweden. It also intends to refine biogas in Sweden.

Within the company there are several people with experience in the naturalgas market in the U.S.

Big Rock Energy AB intends to invest in gasproduction in Europe & North America.
The company intends to invest in a  mobile LNG plant for bio & naturalgas to make the transportation run smoother.
Big Rock Energy AB seeks cooperation with farmers to use leaking methangas from soakaways to cool and refine the gas to fuel.

Our Strategy
Big Rock Energy AB intend to make careful investments of naturalgas reserves, which enable significant return by:

1. Acquire oil and gas assets with significant developement and workover possibilities.
2. Be operating on a low overhead cost.
3. Increase the value on the wells through workovers, developement drilling, improved operations and secondary and tertiary recovery methods.

With help of technological advances to improve extraction and the possibility of finding new reserves. Big Rock Energy's business strategy encourages the exchange of information between both "colleagues / partners" of several independent oil companies. This practice has not only led to increased production, but also generated a growing network of partners that stood for many acquisitions. These negotiated purchases has resulted in a discounted purchase price compared with published public actions. Once the acquisition has been starting to Big Rock Energy to develop the assets to their full potential. This process aims at the ability to increase production and economic characteristics through workovers, re-openings and optimization of secondary and tertiary recovery including;

1. Change of worn out equipment (pipes, valves and/or pumps).
2. Completion of the "opening of the new pay-zones".
3. Re-frac or stimulate the use of modern technology and pump changes regarding the right size of the artificial lift equipment.

The ability to take advantage of these acquisitions and development opportunities are largely a result of the Big Rock Energy's experienced staff and low overhead. Experienced partners and employees in the field, working hand in hand with management to identify and respond to the development and operational inefficiencies left by previous operators to optimize field/potential sources. In essence, the reserves made more economic a result of the fundamental difference in the activity and prioritization of a large company and a small independent company, Big Rock Energy AB.


Big Rock Energy AB
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